SAP deployment on AWS Cloud

Mactores deployed and implemented SAP on AWS cloud that merged Katerra’s  disparate processes and IT systems for greater efficiency, offering visibility and flexibility to manage global and regional changes in the business process.

Business Case

Founded in 2015 by a collective of construction industry veterans and highly successful Silicon Valley technologists, Katerra aspires to make leading-edge buildings and building features affordable and accessible to everyone in the world. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona; Seattle, Washington; Shanghai and Shenzhen, China and Mexico.

Katerra’s mission is to improve the design, economics, speed-to-market, and quality of building projects & scaled master planned developments for its customers. Like many fast growing companies, Katerra realized the need to modernize and integrate its disparate systems into a single application that would give operational visibility and control needed to manage their growing business. The clear answer to their problems were to implement and deploy SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Rather than implementing SAP ERP on premises, Katerra figured it could save tens of thousands of dollars by deploying its SAP environment in the cloud. Katerra partnered with Mactores to help choosing the right cloud partners and implementation of SAP on Cloud.


  • Katerra Inc. needed to cut CapEx investments in maintaining on-premise or co-hosted hardware and integrate their disparate systems to streamline work flow and gain visibility
  • Katerra Inc. needed a solution that could accommodate terabytes of data, scale according to infrastructure needs, and stay within its budget. The company became interested in an SAP solution which involved SAP Fiori, SAP Business Warehouse, Lumira and Business Objects which is powered by SAP HANA, SAP’s in-memory database technology platform.


Evaluating various cloud options, Mactores recommended Katerra to deploy its mission-critical SAP platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The primary focus is to have a scalable and agile SAP performance along with a robust disaster recovery plan and low storage costs.

  • Mactores deployed SAP ERP in the AWS cloud running on SAP HANA, which positioned the company to perform real-time analytics
  • To host its landscape in the AWS cloud, Mactores is using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) as the compute layer for SAP ERP and SAP HANA.
  • Highly scalable storage is provided by Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and both SSD and magnetic Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes are used, depending on workload. It uses multiple Availability Zones across the AWS EU region.
  • Separate production and non-production workloads run in different Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environments. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows control of user access to AWS resources.
  • The infrastructure is monitored through Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS CloudTrail records changes across services.

Business Outcome

Katerra rapidly deployed its mission-critical SAP environment with immediate and significant benefits for IT and the business. With the deployment to the cloud led by Mactores, Katerra has saved more than 50 percent in IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, while obtaining greater business flexibility.

Key Highlights

  • Katerra estimates that it will save substantial costs  in software, hardware, and maintenance over the next 5 years, just by using AWS in its test and development environments.
  • Katerra has become more agile. Instead of having to wait multiple days to make changes to its SAP Landscape, the company can spin up instances immediately to perform the necessary data calculations.
  • Katerra also hosts customer facing portals and application on AWS and SAP on AWS has made them more agile and integrated as a technology platform.

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