SAP S4HANA Implementation on AWS

About CompanyKaterra

Katerra is a technology-focused offsite construction company out of Silicon Valley that is redefining the multi-faceted construction industry. Katerra’s factories produce a wide range of building components and materials, including lighting, cabinetry, truss assemblies, wall panels, and more.

Katerra’s unique “Integrated Factory” model connects Katerra factories directly to our job sites, ensuring a seamless transition from manufacturing, through delivery and installation. This approach extends the speed, precision, coordination, and quality assurance of their factory environments directly to Katerra job sites.

They have three factories Phoenix (AZ), Tracy (CA), Spokane (WA).

Business Case

Katerra was started with a goal of improving the construction industry by getting the projects done in half the time and in half the cost. To have the right foundations in place to store and manage vast data for this construction enterprise, SAP S4HANA and BW4HANA were chosen. Katerra needed the infrastructure ready in September 2016. The amount of time required to provide high-end infrastructure for such a complex set of SAP systems needed to be disruptively short.

Being a construction start-up, Katerra needed the ability to evaluate different products and their integration with each other. Further, to match the projected high growth rate, they needed a highly scalable platform to host their IT applications.

This was an ideal case to use proven and expert AWS infrastructure hosting services.


Mactores deployed Katerra SAP systems on AWS within 4 weeks. The SAP products deployed in the initial setup were S4HANA, BW4HANA, SAP Adobe Document Services, SAP Solution Manager and SAP BusinessObjects. After this initial implementation, Katerra’s business grew massively. To match the increasing demands and new requirements, Katerra needed many additional SAP products.

Over the next 2 years, Mactores seamlessly deployed and integrated SAP Fiori, SAP Commercial Project Management, SAP Enterprise Project Connector, SAP Plant Connectivity, SAP Ariba, SAP Hybris, SAP Manufacturing Execution and OpenText with the existing portfolio. The current SAP landscape boasts 31 EC2 servers in the Production VPC Environment itself.

Business Outcome

With strong experience in Cloud Engineering, Mactores was able to beat the odds and successfully deploy the required infrastructure within the promised timelines. The deployment was done in a way that all the SAP infrastructure deployed on the cloud were restricted to be accessed only through Katerra’s private network. As the system’s performance stabilized, Mactores advised Katerra with best practices to improve the landscape. For example, to audit their systems on a regular basis and to purchase reserved instances for specific, identified servers.

Katerra plans to build up to 14 distribution centers across the country. To support this expansion, Mactores will deploy and manage all the required AWS infrastructures for Katerra. With the criticality of the applications in mind, Mactores will implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery for all the Production SAP Systems.

Mactores is also automating SysOps, DevOps, SAP Security, and SAP BASIS operations and monitoring of mission-critical SAP Business Processes by integrating SAP product capabilities of SAP Solution Manager, SAP GRC with cutting edge AWS services and third-party applications like Slack and Freshdesk.

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