Developing next generation in-flight entertainment system for WOI.

In-Flight Entertainment System: Innovative technology delivers better entertainment and service on board.

Business Case

Delivering premium In-Flight Entertainment systems, WOI (Western Outdoor Interactive) has been a strategic partner to airlines and system providers for the delivery of Inflight Entertainment and Services. Their key business areas include Development of Software Applications, Creation of Games and Content for IFE systems.  The 30-year-old company has a clientele of over 50 airlines including Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Hainan Airlines, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.

WOI wanted to replace the orthodox aging In-flight entertainment (IFE) on planes, where flyers stare into tiny, hard-to-see overhead monitors with sophisticated seat-back computers loaded with a modern IFE application offering interactive games, latest music and movies more than most multiplex cinemas. WOI were looking to build their IFE application “CANVAS” which would leverage Internet connectivity for delivering, sharing and updating content for flyers on their IFE systems.

Key Challenges

  • The Software development team at WOI were experiencing challenges in building their IFE application “CANVAS” due to limited technology understanding
  • WOI were undecided on the hosting environment. The company were dissatisfied with the cost and scalability of its existing co-location facility.


WOI partnered with Mactores to develop their custom IFE software that would help them stay at the leading edge of their industry. For the IFE Project, Mactores was involved right from the concept of operations, to product architecting, to deployment on cloud. Mactores engineers worked closely with the WOI development team to ensure application development in a structured way that guarantees quality.

Application Development:  Development of their application “CANVAS” using Java, Java Spring, MVC and other technologies through managed services and distributed development.

Web Development: Creating user experiences for customers, with consideration for localization/globalization, accessibility, security and performance with technologies including JavaScript and HTML5

Cloud Deployment:  Hosting and Deploying their application “CANVAS” on AWS Cloud. Applying capacity management and other disciplines to ensure efficiency and scale. The engineering team at Mactores used AWS Cloud Formation DevOps tool to automate deployment.

Business Outcome

The custom built application “Canvas” has heralded the age of interactivity in In-flight entertainment systems. Today, Canvas has been recognized as the “world’s best inflight connectivity” three years in a row by APEX (the Airline Passenger Experience Association). Canvas is installed in over 700 planes, meaning that every minute of the day, a CANVAS equipped airplane is in flight somewhere in the world.

Key Gains

  • The application helped WOI customers to promote airline differentiation, personalization, and brand extension. WOI experienced 80%increase in sales revenue.
  • The fully connected internet-based solution delivered content on-demand to flyers making their flight experience rich and personalized
  • Robust reporting provides WOI customers with insights into customer trends, business performance and system health.
  • Additional revenues through advertising and sponsorship arrangements on the CANVAS boosted WOI revenue.
  • Cloud Deployment ensured the high time availability, scalability and cost savings.

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