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Hansa Cequity a data-driven marketing and strategy company focuses on building intelligent, intuitive and real-time customer relationships – faced the challenge to manage Peta Byte Scale data of their customer’s marketing campaign. Mactores helped the Analytics’ Team at Hansa with End-to-End Consulting for building an EMR + Redshift based Analytics Platform.

Business Case

Hansa Customer Equity (Hansa Cequity) is a data-driven customer marketing company with operations in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. The company’s end-to-end suite of services leverages the power of marketing databases, analytics and automated applications for accelerated campaign delivery across multiple touch points, thereby helping clients get a significant return on their marketing programs.
Hansa initially resorted to an on-premise relational database for data analysis, modeling, and storage. However, the growing volume of largely unstructured data flowing across their customer campaigns exceeded than what its on-premise environment could manage. They needed a solution that could accommodate terabytes of data, scale according to their infrastructure needs and stay within its budget.

Key challenges

  • Hansa Cequity was challenged to manage multiple databases at scale of 10-15 terabytes for multiple marketing campaigns
  • The on-premises IT infrastructure created cost and scale issues, Hansa needed the infrastructure to be cost-effective so the business could be viable, easy to maintain, to minimize the load on its lean technical team, and flexible to support peaks and troughs in usage.
  • Processing Marketing Data for Cohort Analysis and building learning models on petabyte data posed a major challenge.
  • The management team was also experiencing poor reporting and analytics response time for big data volumes which caused a delay in crucial decision making.


Cequity partnered with Mactores & AWS to set up their big data infrastructure on cloud and for deploying a rich analytic system for in-depth insights and instant reporting.

Mactores deployed Cequity infrastructure in AWS Asia-Pacific (Singapore) Region and availed multiple Availability Zones for redundancy. Their existing unstructured data was migrated to Amazon S3 while AWS EC2 Spot Instances were provisioned for ingestion, processing and storing new unstructured  data to S3.
To help Cequity analyst identify patterns and trends in their marketing campaigns, the unstructured data is stored in Amazon Simple Storage through Amazon EC2 Instances. Cold path analytics was processed through Amazon EMR for unstructured  data analytics, while Amazon Redshift is used for data warehousing and storing the processed data to perform Self Service BI & Cohort Analytics.
Mactores effectively integrated Tableau with Amazon Redshift to give Cequity a single window view of their data to help them create more precise business models with rich analytics.

Business Outcome

Using the AWS Cloud allowed Hansa to avoid the need to invest in massive server infrastructure, disks, CPUs and running a server facility with all its costs.
Apart from the extensive capital expenditure, Hansa does not need an extra layer of expertise just to run the infrastructure. Moving to cloud helped them save on their resources extensively and helped them focus on their core capabilities.

Business Gains.

  • Marketing Analytics done is now performed in a record time of 1.5 Mins on a petabyte of marketing data.
  • The development team at Hansa can manage multiple customer data in separate EMR Clusters
  • The cost of operation is lowered by over 70% with the help of Spot Instances
  • With Automated High Scale Out EMR Deployment, the DevOps operations team could save an additional 40% of time to invest on development of better Cohort Analysis for Hansa customers

Technology used

We have to manage a variety of data from different sources for our clients, With the big data solution from Mactores and AWS, we can now easily manage over 75 million unique customer profiles. Our partnership with them has accelerated the growth of our cloud platform immensely. our customers can now easily clean, maintain and manage their rich customer databases on our cloud platform. Working with Mactores team has opened our business to new possibilities and has removed the main barrier to growth. which is escalating costs. It is one of the few technology engineering companies that we have worked with which exceeds all expectations.

Kaushik Janardhanan
IT Manager, Leading Marketing Analytics Company

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