Gaming giant increases Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) with Real Time Analytics.

Leading VAS provider with 10 Million daily active users and 60+ active data points to track faced the challenge of managing high throughput of user behavior data. Mactores helped Nazara with AWS Kinesis, EMR and Redshift based solution to support Real Time Dashboards & Analytics capabilities

About Nazara

Problem Statement

Nazara is a leading mobile games developer and publisher focused on the large mobile consumer base in India and worldwide. In addition to developing a range of branded and original mobile games, Nazara operates unique services such as “Games Club” and also serves as an exclusive distributor for key game developers. Its customers include global mobile manufacturers and network service providers.

With the growing demand of entertainment in the is millennial age, Nazara’s experienced unprecedented growth and demand from the Mobile games segment. Their average per game download skyrocketed to over 10 million, giving rise to huge data being generated every single day. Analyzing millions of users, billions of user events, and hundreds of metrics across dozens of titles became impossible to manage on their on-premise servers.
Nazara needed a solution that could accommodate terabytes of data, scale according to their infrastructure needs, and stay within its budget. The company also needed a high-performance real time data-analytics solution—a flexible, integrated service capable of increasing their average revenue per user (ARPU) by showcasing unique advertisement and offers to players across the globe in real time.

Key Challenges
• Manage 10 Million Daily Active users
• 300k Subscription changes
• Managing Traffic data from 75 different operators across India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa and other African Countries
• Managing Real-time Data, Periodic Reports and Adhoc Data Analysis through a single cloud scale platform was a major challenge Nazara Analytics Team faced.

Proposed Solution

Nazara partnered with Mactores & AWS to set up their big data infrastructure on cloud and deploy a rich analytic system for in-depth insights in their gaming ecosystem.
• Mactores deployed the Nazara infrastructure on AWS in Asia-Pacific (Singapore) Region and availed multiple Availability Zones for redundancy. Their existing database was migrated to Amazon S3 while AWS Kinesis was provisioned for ingestion, processing and storing new streaming data.

• To help Nazara analyst identify patterns and trends in their gaming applications, the streaming data is stored in Amazon Simple Storage through Amazon Kinesis Firehose while Amazon EMR is used for processing and analytics. Amazon Redshift is further used for data warehousing and storing the processed data.

• Mactores effectively integrated Tableau with Amazon Redshift to give the gaming company a single window view of their data to help them create more precise business models with rich analytics.

• While the rich analytics is available for batch data, Nazara required a platform that could quickly ingest data from their activity log and provide enough compute power for real-time analytics to produce results in seconds. This was made possible by AWS Kinesis which quickly ingests their data into Kinesis Client Application, where the streaming data is processed in seconds to deliver real time analytics.

Outcomes & results

Using the AWS Cloud allowed Nazara to avoid the need to invest in massive server infrastructure, disks, and CPUs and bring its gaming players closer to both Nazara and the advertisers. The realities of physical space, hardware acquisition, replacement parts, running a server facility with all its costs made upgrading their traditional IT environment impractical. Apart from the extensive capital expenditure, Nazara would have needed an extra layer of expertise just to run the infrastructure. Moving to cloud helped them save on their resources extensively and helped them focus on their core capabilities.

The modeling system set up by Mactores predicts the socioeconomic class, age, and gender of anonymous or unregistered players from content viewed, giving advertisers confidence in their return on investments in Nazara games.By analyzing player activity, Nazara can better understand their preferences and behavior, schedule more relevant content, commission enticing new game releases, and connect more closely with online players.

• Nazara experienced Zero downtime
• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for IT Expenditures was lowered by over 60% in a 3-year period
• Nazara is able to re-allocate available funds to core business operations
• Analytics Team were availed with real time analytics
• Nazara could process 700 TB of User behavior data generated from 150 Million Active users of which 10 Million were DAU’s

Technology Used

“AWS and Mactores have not only helped us target our customers better but they have also helped us bridge the gap with our customers. With all the valuable data and insights in real time – we now customize our offers and services with respect to every gamer instantly. This personalized messaging has helped us to enhance player experience and in turn, increase our customer conversions. Apart from the increased revenue, AWS offered us the benefits of low cost storage – which has helped drastically reduced our operating expenses. Working with Mactores has been phenomenal, they have addressed our scalability, integration, cluster management issues, and much more. They have been very professional and always delivered on time, every time!”

Vamsi Krishna
Chief Technology Officer, Leading Mobile Gaming Company

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