Deploying “Smartkargo” application on Azure with Azure IoT Suite, Azure SQL and Elastic Pools

SmartKargo is the world’s most advanced air cargo management solution because it leverages three huge advances in IT: Cloud computing, mobile platforms, and data analytics.

Business Case

Conceived at MIT in 2006, Quantum ID Technologies (QID) is a leading industrial hardware, software and technical services company offering barcode compatible, UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled mobility solutions for the modern enterprise. They enable organizations to improve value chain productivity and operational efficiencies, reduce operational cost, improve customer satisfaction, market share and profitability growth objectives.

QID’s target markets includes closed loop logistics operations in the airline cargo and courier services industry. While catering to the growing demands of the air cargo industry, Quantum ID saw a gap in the industry and realized the need for a technological intervention. The industry needed a solution for process automation and simplification. The solution should offer better shipment management and enhance customer experience. It should be secure and mobile. With this in view, the company created a wireframe to build a solution for the market. They decided to build their product “Smartkargo”, a comprehensive air cargo management solution which would help its users to manage their entire shipment business from a single window.

The company began working on building their Mobile application on Microsoft Azure Platform However during the test phase, Quantum ID soon experienced a slack in the performance of their application. They approached Mactores, a leading technology engineering company and Microsoft gold certified partners to help them improve and enhance the performance of “Smartkargo.”


Mactores quickly performed an in-depth audit of the infrastructure and figured the engineering team at Quantum ID had created single SQL databases with fixed DTU levels for each flight carrier. A DTU is a unit of measure of the resources that are guaranteed to be available to a single Azure SQL database at a specific performance level.  However, when the DTU level is maxed, the performance of the database dips resulting into sluggish and slow performance of the application during peak hours.

To tackle this challenge, Mactores introduced Quantum ID to the concept of “Elastic pools in Azure SQL server” which offered a simple cost effective solution to manage the performance of their databases that have widely varying and unpredictable usage patterns. Elastic pool gave the databases the flexibility to share resources with each other and auto-scale during heavy load in peak hours. This resulted to superior performance along with cost savings.

Business Outcome

Quantum ID collaborated with Mactores to set up their application Smartkargo on Microsoft Azure IoT along with Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions, enabling Smartkargo customers with  visibility and tracking of air carriers across the globe. By Re-architecting the infrastrucure, Mactores realised cost effeciences and superior performance for SmartKargo.

Key Highlights

  • Azure’s industry leading 99.99% availability service level agreement (SLA), powered by a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters, helps keep Smartkargo app running 24/7
  • Elastic pool offers dynamic scalability which enables the database to transparently respond to rapidly changing resource requirements and enables checkpoint to only pay for the resources which they use. This gives Smartkargo the resources to respond faster even at peak hours while saving on costs.
  • Quantum ID gets advantage of built-in security, fault tolerance, and data protection with Azure SQL database that they would otherwise have to buy or design, build, and manage.

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