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Corporate webTV for your enterprise and beyondShare. Stream. Connect

Share and manage your media content with ease.

Streamline your media communications with VideoTouch – clean, modern and interactive Online Video Platform (OVP), packed with super powerful features and sleak design to offer unlimited possibilities for sharing your Media Content.

Tell your story. Reach more people with live interactive webinars and video on demand

Conduct interactive Webinars and use live & on-demand video streaming to reach out to your employees, customers, investors, and partners. Share your vision, goals & objectives, milestones, policies and procedures to ensure your enterprise is moving in the right direction. Record live events to share with employees & stake holders who missed live broadcasts.

Control and flexibility you need to drive your communications.

Educate, train and motivate your organization

Corporate training departments can launch video-centric LMS designed specifically for on-boarding and training employees and partners. Improve results and train employees in multiple locations faster, save costs on travel, classroom space, content re usability, and hiring of live training personnel/consultants.

Store and access your content instantly

Search across all your videos with deep content search and get access to them instantly. VideoTouch offers a central digital asset repository to store, manage and distribute all of your rich-media content. Organize your video library in one place and avoid the overhead of siloed rich-media management.

Create your marketplace and monetize your content

Monetize videos online to boost sales and increase profits. VideoTouch gives you an efficient and effective system to start monetizing your videos online in just minutes. No hassles, no complications. Universities offer innovative and flexible academic video content for personal growth opportunities. Media houses effectively build a marketplace to monetize their movies, advertisements and video content.

Deliver better content with video analytics

While understanding your high level video analytics is important, it is equally important to understand the performance of your video content. It isn’€™t enough to know that many people watched your video, you really need to understand how much of your video they watched and what they did after they watching the video. Developing a content strategy based on the data rather than intuition allows you to learn more about your target audience, find out what they want and how you can increase their engagement.

Advanced features

White label

White label feature allows you to retain complete branding control over VideoTouch. You can custom design VideoTouch under your brand logo and brand color.

Single sign in

Simply sign into your Google account or Facebook account and gain direct user access to your VideoTouch account instantly.

Adaptive bandwidth

Don’t let bandwidth keep your users waiting while your video buffers. VideoTouch smartly adjust video bit rate quality for seamless responsive video streaming.

Logo detection

VideoTouch smartly detects and edits undesired logos and prints to give you a clean media content ready for sharing.

Caption integration

Apart from converting speech to text for automating caption integration, speech to text also helps for refined search with in videos.

Content search

Video content search lets you search spoken words with in a video. Now simply smart search your way to the exact moment in a video you wish to see.

Geo access

Create user roles with multiple access rights. Now, have total control over where, what and when your content is presented to whom.


Merge and sub-clip multiple video files and advertisements with blackout removals, logo overlays and much more.



500 users
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5000 users
Zero Deployment Fee


10000 users
Zero Deployment Fee

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