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Our approach to consulting is unique – we work with retail giants to take the time and cost out of the decision making processes. We understand the market meticulously and help you quickly pull together all the relevant information needed to make high quality, informed investment decisions about key IT capital and services. Our technical expertise across cloud, big data analytics, machine learning and IoT, help you retain and improvise your competence against the trending e-commerce. We create the best suited omni-channel strategy by transforming your analytical skills from store- and department-level analytics to aisle, shelf, and even product-level analytics.

Our Solution accelerators help you tackle issues like

1. Right Merchandizing                        5. Customer Acquisition
2. Personalized Experience                 6. Customer Retention
3. Inventory management                   7. Product theft
4. Customer Sentiment Analysis        8. Warehouse Management

With increasing blurred lines between offline and online, getting into data analytics, IoT or mobile isn’t even a decision anymore.

Rethinking Retail

Give consumers the products, information, and personalized shopping experiences they want – when and where they want them – with retail management and omnichannel commerce solutions. Harness real-time customer and point of sale (POS) insights, reach shoppers across any channel, and get the visibility you need to optimize everything from merchandising to your supply chain.

Forward Thinking

Harness the power of SMAC and big data insights to analyze consumer behavior, spending and demand.

Intelligent Automation

Manage pervasive digital change with solutions powered by artificial intelligence technologies—robotics, image recognition, machine learning and natural language processing.

Platform Scale

Building on your strengths,We help you position yourself with platform-driven ecosystems and use technology to carve out solutions that will keep you ahead of your competition.

Our Customer - Global retail giant sets up IoT tracking and recommendation texts for customer indoor navigation

Global retail store chain eased customer indoor navigation and facilitated contact-less payment with connected smart trolleys (IoT) and  real-time recommendation messages.This integration enabled them to engage their indoor customers with smart proximity marketing. This helped them achieve:

Increase in Up-selling & Cross-selling
Reduction in theft
Increase in conversion rates

Accelerate your business with our solutions

Smart Retailers know that the only way to beat the proliferation of multiple channels is to reinvent the in-store experience by offering a personalized experience that extends beyond what a consumer gets online. At Mactores, we partner with you to help you elevate the level of in-store experience offered. Our In-store Experience solution includes:

Mobile POS

Our seamless solution gives you the ability to deploy POS as a critical store component based on common data and common services at the enterprise, resulting in a single view of the customer, items, promotions, and pricing. Get real-time access to stock availability and instant access to product information, price-comparisons, quick checkout and, most importantly, multiple delivery options.

Speak to Know

Speak to Know is an in-store mobile solution designed to help customers easily find products and related information inside the store by simply saying the product name. Our solution enhances the customer’s in-store experience, empowers the in-store associate with real-time inventory view and also increases sales conversion as the customer can make on the spot decisions using real-time offers and product comparisons

Snap & Discover

Simplify shopping by delivering product information to your customers at a snap of their smartphone. Using image recognition and pattern reading logic, our Snap and Discover solution enables shoppers to use their phones to instantly access relevant product information such as reviews and offers

In Store Navigation

In-Store Navigation converges in store technology, augmented reality and location mapping to create a hassle free, in-store shopping experience for the customer’s shopping list. The ease of product search leads to increased conversion rates inside the store

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