Predictive analytics

❝ Driven with business analytics expertise, our predictive analytics services produce actionable predictions and ways to lower various organizational costs. ❞

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We help you to leverage the potential of IoT and transform business by enabling seamless predictive analytics.

With the increase in number of sensors per machine, we had gathered lot of data and it needed to be churned. Mactores with their analytics experts in IoT did it for us. They have an excellent approach to look at the problem and solve them progressively and effectively. We were able to explore unimaginable insights and gained a lot and lowered our operational costs as well.

Mark Phillips
Senior General Manager, Manufacturing Company

Predictive analytics enables you to discover, analyze and act on data. Apart from learning from the past to uncover insights and predict likely events, predictive analytics provides you a framework to analyze data over time, leading to more defined outcomes and corrective actions.

Creating a coherent view of the future backed by meaningful insights has never been more important. The combination of big data, social media, sensor data and mobile devices gives you the opportunity to add more to your predictive analytics engine. We also help your your organization to manage, analyze this information and deliver real time business value.

Go from guess to prediction by leveraging data.

  • Banking
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Education

Defining your primary market segments and customers is a critical use case for predictive analytics. But that only provides an incomplete picture of what your marketing approach should be. Analytics provide insight on the best way to approach individual customers within those segments, by analyzing everything from buying patterns to consumer behavior to social media interactions, giving you insight into the best times and channels to connect to those customers.

Key Industries: Banking, Education, Insurance, Telecommunications

Supporting businesses to optimize decision processes

  • Customer centric enterprise
  • Maximize enterprise risk management
  • Innovate while maximizing Cost
  • Maximize financial performance
  • Create sustainable systems
  • Health Monitoring and Intervention
  • Deep clinical analysis
  • Patients Insights and Engagement
  • Reduce claim severity and frequency
  • More accurate risk assessment
  • Optimize claim servicing
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Fast-track digital transformation
  • Improve network and IT agility
  • Gain enterprise excellence
  • Identify subscribers at risk and retain them

Reduce the maintenance costs and inventory costs in your industry

Our solutions provide proactive and complete situational awareness of the resources used by your organization. We build systems that manages and filters data efficiently and quickly identifies outliers. This helps your organization save costs by over 25%.

Improve sales forecasting and profitability

We develop ‘intelligent’ systems that determines the right combination of data and yields impressive results for your businesses. Most organizations experience average 60% growth in sales and 55% increase in profits.

Improve productivity

We build systems that manages volume, variety, velocity and veracity of IoT data efficiently. This coupled with a predictive strategy is key in improving productivity of your overall business. In most cases, organizations improve bottom-line margins by over 67%.

Enhance decision-making support system

Modern devices generate structured and unstructured data. We build ‘intelligent’ systems that can collect, assimilate, enhance, analyze and draw actionable insights for your businesses. Build new revenue streams, improve on the already existing ones & increase customer loyalty and retention by over 60% using predictive analytics.

Technology Expertise

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