PaaS and server-less architecture

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Enterprises need to manage more workloads with fewer resources, which is hard if the environment isn’t standardised or automated. Many organizations  might be unsure where to start or how a cloud environment will affect workloads, deployments, and their IT team’s skills. Our solutions help alleviate this uncertainty. We  efficiently design, build, and implement scalable IT and cloud architectures using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology. Our experts deploy applications into cloud environments and migrate your traditional and legacy workloads to cloud.

From Planning to roll-out

We save millions for our customers – Every year!


Building the right PaaS strategy

Build the right strategy for your business and work toward an execution plan that uses cloud and other technologies effectively

Create consistency and standardized environments

Write apps faster, build better software, better adapt to change, and save time and money by working more efficiently.

Drive efficiency in your IT

Focus on operational efficiencies, including proactive monitoring and automation to deliver application services to market faster and use IT resources more efficiently. Reduce provisioning time from days or weeks to minutes or hours.

Optimising your ROI on Cloud

Following the assessment of  your strengths and weaknesses, we deliver the tailor-made PaaS solution and mentor your team so you can operate independently as soon as possible.

Get everyone on the same page

Consolidate tools so everyone can develop and communicate using a common language.

Tailor PaaS technologies to your needs

With Shift in Pritoties , leverage PaaS technologies for your business usecase by integrating DevOps Model

Our Customer - Asia's leading paint company, enhances its user experience with cloud transformation.

Expansion strategy of Asia’s leading paint company resulted into heterogeneous digital platforms. To integrate these applications and enhance its user experience, opted for Cloud ‘s PaaS to achieve over 30% cost reduction and access manipulation to support extended team.

Serverless Architecture

We help you set up Serverless architecture to develop web applications where you don’t have to think about or manage application servers anymore. You just write your code and deploy it. Everything else which is necessary to run your application is done automatically.

You’re developing the next big thing? Your application may have 2 users today but maybe 2.000.000 tomorrow? No problem! we have you  covered. Serveless architecture lets your web application scales according to the needs. You don’t have to do anything to make sure that your application runs smoothly when more and more users use your application. Everything is done behind the scenes.

Managing  servers is more than typing in simple shell commands. There are security patches, updates, backups,  everything need be configured correctly to ensure that applications are protected and always up to date. Not with Serverless architecture. Your team simply has to write your code and you’re good to go. The heavy stuff is done for you automatically.

You have a web application but it’s not used frequently? You’re paying the servers IDLE time month after month. Serverless applications are different. You only pay for the resources you use.

Technology Expertise

AWS Lambda
Azure Functions
Google Cloud Functions

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