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❝ We empower you with cloud media services to help you create end-to-end media workflows with flexible and highly scalable encoding, packaging and distribution services. ❞

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Harness digital channels and monetize the audience experience while protecting content and extending brands.

Internet has altered the dynamics of revenue generation for media driven organizations. You require agility and efficiency to churn the best outcome, while leveraging the digital media library more than ever before.

To harness these opportunities, we provide solutions using scalable , secured and cost effective media processes on cloud. Our solutions enable you to store, encode, transcode, distribute and analyze a full range of digital media content on the cloud.

Our clients have harnessed digital channels and monetized the audience experience while protecting content and extending brands.

Solution accelerators for your Applications & Systems

Speech to Text is  useful to  bridge the gap between the spoken words and its written form. We integrate machine intelligence to combine information about grammar and language structure with knowledge of the composition of an audio signal to generate an accurate transcription.The service is great for mobile experiences, transcribing media files, call center transcriptions, voice control of embedded systems, or converting sound to text to then make data searchable.

Video streaming and broadcasting solution to reach your audiences on all devices, With features that enhance accessibility, distribution and scalability,  we makes it easy and cost-effective to stream your content to audiences both local and worldwide—all while protecting your content.

Analyze faces to detect a range of feelings of your customers, users etc and personalize your app’s responses. Our algorithms detect faces within a photo or video, and sense micro expressions by analyzing the relationship between points on the face, based on curated databases compiled in academic environments.

Build great search experiences for your web and mobile apps. “Search by Image”lets you search by images instead of keywords.Narrow search results with filters including image type, layout, freshness, and license.

Enhance your customer experience using

Enhanced live streaming & broadcasting

Harness media service infrastructure for low latency and high-resolution delivery of your media content, which can be of any format and at any location.

Video on demand (VoD)

Enhance your viewer subscription, by making your media content available as per your viewers’ availability and expectations.

Extract keywords from your multimedia

Extract the spoken keywords from your multimedia. This can be further used to perform speech analytics, tag your content or power a recommendation engine.

Video summarization

Explore video summarization feature,which enables you to summarize long videos.This summary enables consumers to get a quick preview of the video.

Transcoding and encoding

Harness cloud media trans-coders and encoders, for converting media files from any source format into any version and will playback on all latest devices.

Content protection

Protect your content like VoD, Live Streams and other content with cost effective encryption and packaging service. You can further authorize your content by configuring your Active Directory.

Media and Entertainment

Viewership analytics

Identify viewership patterns and utilize it, to enhance the personalized viewer experience.

Sentiment analysis

Sentimental view enable to work on promotion campaign and this predictive analysis for the movie helps with different parameters.


Abandoned object detection

You can identify when an object has been removed from a scene, providing effective protection of high-value items such as works of art, jewelry and expensive electronics or machinery.

Face, motion & optical character detection

Proves to be helpful identity, activity recognition and optical character detection is useful for extracting text from the video. For instance, license plate recognition for a vehicle.

Reduce false positives

Conduct deep analysis of the video snippets associated with motion events from surveillance cameras to reduce false positives.

Summarize surveillance footage

Generate an intelligent summary of surveillance footage to smooth out time-lapsed videos.

Public safety

Analyze evidence

Collect media from any device and analyze it to extract intelligence while observing all the custody requirements.

Victim face and motion detection

Using face and motion detection features, highlight the victim/perpetrator in the videos.

Perimeter intrusion detection

You can easily configure sophisticated security policies, for example, masking out a non-sensitive area or enabling further rules that detect defined behaviors in sensitive areas.

Protect identity

Redact videos to protect people’s identity through out the video.


Analyze customer calls

Convert speech to text on audio data from customer support calls and find patterns.

Analyze customer patterns

Correlate customer movements through a store with sales data to make decisions on product placement.

Customer flow analysis

You can record customer flow throughout the day with no human intervention. Retrospective averages of this data is used for efficient staff scheduling and promotion.

Technology Expertise

Azure Media Services
Azure CDN
Amazon Elastic Transcoder
Amazon Cloufront

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