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Collaborate with us and gain real-time visibility into your operations, our cloud solutions help you optimize your entire process – from production planning, project management, process scheduling, and compliance, to mobile supply chain management – while shrinking total manufacturing costs.

  • Responsive supply chain management
  • Optimizing machineries and component sales
  • Equipment components inventory optimization
  • Gaining greater visibility in dealer operations
  • Optimizing business processes across departments
  • Process manufacturing quality management
  • Product manufacturing quality management
  • Improving infrastructure management services
  • Business analytics for actionable insights
  • Integrating analytics engines to gain supplier insights

 Building leading edge operations and supplier ecosystems for Industry leaders

Optimize operational performance across complex manufacturing value chains.

We ideate, incubate and deliver technologies to help you achieve improved productivity, operational efficiencies and higher wins in profitable deals.

Technology Roadmap

Identify, design, implement and integrate multiple technology elements across the enterprise landscape to transform your company into a digital enterprise

Technology Integration

We bring analytics, mobility, collaboration, cloud, M2M and IOT in an integrated and intersected way to solve critical business and technology challenges

Advanced Analytics

Analytics framework on structured and unstructured data to provide dashboards, analytics, prescriptive and predictive analytics, as well as what-if scenarios for various user categories.


We enable in deploying extended collaboration platforms with enterprise stakeholders. We help in technology mapping that fast tracks product assessment and implementation.


Streamline operations, achieve higher productivity and faster turnaround time. Our mobility assessment and deployment framework helps you assess the current state of mobile enablement, design and implement solutions

Asset Management

We enable remote asset tracking and monitoring to improve asset utilization, pre-empt asset failure and plan predictive maintenance. Helps remotely monitor the security/safety violations in real time, generate alerts to users and operational teams

  • Raw material costs
  • Internal costs
  • Other costs

Cost savings in millions
Transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Analytics – the essential link in your supply chain

Modern devices generate structured and unstructured data. We develop solution accelerators that can collect, assimilate, enhance, analyze and draw actionable insights for your businesses.
We enable:

  • Raw material cost reduction by over 30%
  • Internal cost reduction by over 35%
  • Increase in asset efficiency by over 55%
  • Lead time reduction by over 70%

SAP on Cloud

We plan, design and build SAP on Cloud solutions that reduce IT costs, streamlines operations and accelerates time to market. We provide SAP consulting and SAP managed services on the Cloud platform to help you reduce the time-to-value of an SAP implementation or project on Cloud and to help you maximize the benefits of SAP solutions and Cloud platform

New and existing SAP customers and partners can deploy SAP solutions on the Cloud cloud in both production and non-production environments knowing that SAP and Cloud have tested the underlying Cloud resources, verified their performance, and certified them against the same standards that SAP applies to traditional IT infrastructures.

Integrate enterprise solutions for optimised business performance

Preventive maintenance to improve equipment up-time

Continuously monitor assets and lower the overall number of repairs while allowing them to manage maintenance programs more effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing repair time and improving up-time.

Production systems and operational optimization

We provide a connection between an enterprise’s daily operations and business strategy to create a basis for setting a benchmark performance level against which improvements can be made. Clients experience process optimization by over 40% and resource savings by over 35%.

Raw material & equipment cost reduction

Rather than replacing the entire equipment or machinery due to unexpected breakdown, predictive analytics helps enterprises to perform maintenance before failure and lowers cost to price of equipment part and the labour needed for maintenance

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