❝ Nearly 80% of healthcare industry feels IoT and analytics are two important approaches for unlocking patients' insight. We engage in these areas to help you understand patients better and enable customized patient experience. ❞

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When considering a move to use cloud computing, healthcare consumers must have a clear understanding of unique benefits and risks associated with cloud computing, and set realistic expectations with their cloud provider. Consideration must be given to the different models of service delivery: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) as each model brings different requirements and responsibilities. Cloud deployment models (private, public, and hybrid) will also weigh heavily in strategic decisions.

We enable healthcare enterprises to redefine their business and transform their operations, to become client-focused companies and improve the quality and outcome of your services.

Our solutions cover everything from healthcare analytics and health information exchange (HIE) to setting up electronic medical records (EMR) on cloud. Harness leading technologies to build effective information systems, practice evidence-based medicine – and improve the overall patient experience.

Redefining the digital future of healthcare industry

Unlock unprecedented opportunities.

hospital devices
  • Data gathering and real time data analytics
  • Allow devices to send notifications and events to other devices
  • Track assets and manage an active device inventory
  • Remote software/firmware updates
  • Track device operation for faults and avoid malfunctions
  • Remote check and device settings
The IoT medical warehouses
  • Location of staff data in real time to manage workforce efficiently
  • Connect devices with analytics software in hospital to enable greater visibility into patient’s vitals
  • Run patient flow management system to effectively track patient location, status and treatment schedule
  • Enable emergency alerts operated by data collected from patient monitoring devices
  • Remotely track and manage an automated drug delivery system
  • Run a medical asset management solution to enable hospital staff to immediately track maintenance status, locate equipment, ensure transparency and availability of the purchasing activities
Real time
patient monitoring
  • Define and set customized and timely intelligent emergency notifications
  • Dashboard creation based on data collected from the health monitoring devices
  • HIPAA information exchange and compliant authorization activities
  • Track patients at home with the help of live audio and video streaming
  • Track important health indicators gathered from portable devices

Optimize healthcare with our solution accelerators

Wellness management system

Wellness Management Systems integrates online tools and resources designed to provide insight and analysis into personalized wellness information system. Our solution offers the flexibility needed for organizations to provide a wide variety of programs to improve outcomes and optimize participation.

Hospital Performance Management

Our solution accelerators integrate real-time performance monitoring, advanced data analytics, information dashboards. With real-time monitoring, you can take the right decision at the right place and time. Our solution accelerators enable you to keep track of cost and quality performance.

Patient connect

Patient connect helps you connect, inform, educate, and engage across the entire healthcare journey. Patients get access to personalized educational resources, information, in-room services, video collaboration, and entertainment for easy communication.

Medical information system

Our solution streamlines the electronic medical records (EMR), clinical, administrative and inventory functions, leading to reduction in costs, increase in operational efficiency, increase in quality of patient care. It covers all aspects of hospital operations and management.

Advanced healthcare data analytics

Our big Data analytics services help healthcare organizations transform their businesses by integrating traditional report analysis with organization’s analytics-driven insights. This enables a 360° view of the patient of business functions.

Healthcare stores asset management

Our solutions help optimize hospital staff efficiency, improve the patient care quality, and streamline inventory management to help improve patient satisfaction. It helps you to easily track assets, medical staff, reduce bottlenecks and improve resource efficiency.

How healthcare organizations benefit from our services?

Reduce patient stay by 25%

Lower cost per claim by 55%

Improve productivity by 30%

Increase auto examination rates by 20%

Enable single view of patients' report

Boost operational efficiencies by 25%

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