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❝ Helping government entities better adapt to today’s changing environment - automate resource-intensive and error prone processes, reduce risk and improve services while optimizing operational costs. ❞

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We help governments successfully respond to increasing citizen and compliance demands while juggling budget shortfalls and growing economies. We help you reduce risk and operational expenses, meet statutory compliance requirements, improve citizen services and increase efficiency. Our solutions can be found in multiple government accounts with our total number of users approximating 1.8 million worldwide.

Helping governments build smarter cities for a better tomorrow

Enriched media capabilities

Our rich media analytics helps you accelerate growth, reduce costs and mitigate risks by tapping into the wealth of insights locked in the fast growing volumes of disparate rich media in diverse formats. Our media management and analytics solution delivers all the components necessary to provide video surveillance analytics such as scene analysis, image recognition, demographics analysis, and speech analytics such as speech-to-text, speech recognition, and audio fingerprint identification.

Modernizing and integrating systems for government entities

Protect citizens, property and infrastructure

We make your community safer by creating a unified view of public safety information and then apply analytics and collaboration tools to better fight crime and deploy the right resources. Safe communities attract a stronger workforce and boost investment in local businesses –  we deliver technology solutions that:

  • Analyze crime data and deliver insights enabling officers to solve cases faster and spot trends so they can predict and prevent crimes
  • Manage city operations holistically so agencies and departments can monitor events and coordinate their response to disruptive incidents
  • Provide an accurate real-time view of emergency situations so responders can make smart, timely decisions that keep people safer

Move people and goods efficiently and securely

We expedite the movement of people and goods between borders accurately and efficiently. We help streamline travel and trade while ensuring national security using in-depth insights into passengers, cargos and shipments. With our technology solutions for border management and customs administration, you can:

Strengthen national security by optimizing support functions

We optimize your military effectiveness and efficiency – including areas such as mission systems, logistics, operations support, business processes, IT modernization and intelligence information analysis. To enhance your mission preparation, deployment and execution, we deliver technology solutions that help you:

Build intelligent intermodal transportation systems

Support business development, attract jobs, and enhance quality of life by creating a transportation network that minimizes congestion and emissions, while improving safety and reliability. To improve the transportation experience and ensure the sustainability of your transportation system, you need scalable technology solutions that:

  • Provide an in-depth view into the status, location and history of critical transportation assets – including roads, facilities, fleets, crews and IT equipment – so you can optimize their use and performance
  • Infuse your transportation infrastructure with intelligence and use data-driven insights to improve day-to-day transportation operations and planning for the future
  • Create a shared real time view of the transportation network – including road, rail, air and sea – in order to improve coordination between stakeholders and help travelers optimize their routes
  • Manage the demand and usage of roads and parking lots to optimize capacity and revenue

Next-gen communication systems to share crucial information

Connected infrastructure

Cities are able to remotely monitor the conditions of roads, bridges, buildings, parks and other venues. Maintenance crews can identify slick roadways during freezing weather or detect bridges that may need repairs.

Citizen engagement

Mobile apps give people information to stay better prepared. For example, you can be notified in near real-time if a traffic light isn’t working on your route. You can also remotely view parking meters and reserve spaces ahead of time.

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