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❝ Delivering technology consulting services to global financial institutions, helping them to improve efficiency, optimize costs, meet risk, compliance mandates and implement IT solutions that are finely attuned to their business needs. ❞

We worked with Mactores on multiple projects including developing an application to help identify consumer buying patterns on our eCommerce website ; we got a lot of value out of every collaboration. Mactores is great at sharpening up a problem definition, planning a realistic approach to solving it and then delivering an effective solution on a timeline.

Jeff Weiner
Head Business Analyst, UK E-commerce Giant

We Deliver technology consulting services to global financial institutions, helping them to improve efficiency, optimize costs, meet risk , compliance mandates and implement IT solutions that are finely attuned to their business needs.

Enhance business agility while reducing IT expense and complexity

To compete, companies must be nimble enough to rapidly address changing market conditions without the need for major capital expenditures or complex communications. We offer you solutions to manage complexity and drive business agility by connecting people, operations, and partners.

We offer you options to deploy your resources using cloud technology – public, private or hybrid – to give you the scalability to accelerate business transformation and spending transparency needed to run a modern, lean, responsive business.

Modernize your legacy systems and business efficiency with improved profitability.

4 key influences why industry leaders choose us

Power Data Analytics

Delivering personalized warehousing, analysis, and processing solutions offering efficiency and flexibility to manage your data through its entire lifecycle, turn it into actionable strategies and tactics and make data-driven decisions to help grow business

Enhance Customer Experience

Helping organizations create richer customer experiences by enabling innovative product development, tools to protect the most sensitive data, built seamless communication channels and robust service delivery models.

Design Storage Solutions

Provide low-cost data storage solutions that are built for the most complex enterprise requirements, keeping in mind high redundancy for durability, backup and disaster recovery protocols, high availability for constant access and customized to meet business and compliance needs.

Compliance & Security

Delivering & architecting solutions keeping in mind the stringent compliance and security needs, especially when regulatory requirements are constantly evolving and information security threats are increasing.

Driven by the need to solve business challenges

Faster & easier detection of cyber threats with threat Analytics

The estimated cost of cyber crime to the global economy is $500 billion,while the average cost of a data breach to a company is $3.5 million. As advanced system integrators, we help you leverage leading tools to identify breaches and threats using behavioral analysis and providing clear, actionable report in real-time. By deploying multi factor authentication and threat analytics, we help banks access their corporate data securely and detect cyber threats much earlier.

Increased customer spend and profitability with the right recommendations

Our recommendation engine offers an effective form of targeted marketing for financial institutes to increase sales and conversion rates by suggesting users with the most relevant products and services based on their browsing history and buying behaviour.

Mactores helped a leading credit card and financial services provider in competing with new products in a penetrated market by identifying profitable customers for cross-selling and relevantly capturing more revenue per customer.

Optimize business strategies using industrial-strength data modelling and high performing mathematical science

The challenge for enterprises is to turn data into business value – specific decisions and actions that can optimize business operations across the enterprise. We provide analytic solutions across the customer life cycle in retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking and capital markets. Our service spans the entire value chain from data management, reporting, predictive analytics, decision management to optimization.


Increase in receivables through recovery and collections modelling

Significant savings in credit losses through credit scoring and loss forecasting

Fraud strategy and evaluation leading to significant annualized savings

Preparation of complex bank holding co. level reports & capital plan documents

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