❝ When your Ops folks start thinking about development and your Dev folks start thinking about Operations, we work with you as a single team that works together with continuous development, continuous testing and continuous deployments. ❞

How can we help you?

Delivering benefits of agile software development to the entire business with frequent deployments combined with stable operations..

Application deployment and DevOps tools put best-in-class practices in place to deploy applications 10 times faster and reduce failures by 90 percent. Our DevOps solutions offer end-to-end planning, coordination, and execution of releases, and help you build collaborative workflows between development and operations to accelerate release cycles and boost ROI.

Companies that embrace DevOps have more frequent deploys, which allows them to introduce new features more often in a more stable environment. The typical tension between development and operations is mitigated and everyone is more effective.

Rather than the traditional waterfall method with software development, testing and deployment, DevOps encourages a more rapid release cycle with a continuous introduction of new features, continuous testing and continuous deployment.

DevOps is a cultural shift and collaboration between development and operations, there is no single DevOps tool, rather a set or tool-chain consisting of multiple tools right from configuration management to application portability.

Advisory and delivery services across six key competencies. Designed to enable you to succeed through faster delivery of quality software


Raise efficiency, quality and speed through better development and operations collaboration


Move from big, risky releases to continuous delivery through test, release and deployment automation


We take charge of your entire project and deliver with 10x people adopting these principles.

Docker, microservices and containerisation

Develop and change applications faster and easier by making development, test and production environments more consistent.


Migrate and deliver applications in the cloud with scalability, resilience and security


Add agility to your infrastructure through automation, virtualisation, and configuration management

Improved performance with DevOps


Manage, track and report on tasks and activities, tool usage and data flow – for all stakeholders that play a role in end-to-end software delivery


Embrace existing tool-sets and processes, along with future technologies that automate and orchestrate activities.


Provide a central “home” for all security, standards, compliance and policies spanning all functions, tools and platforms.


Automate as much of your process as you can, especially hand-offs between different teams and different tools.


Provide a single source for sharing control, visibility and IT infrastructure resources at scale.


Strong integration capabilities to allow easy integration with tools and other automation platforms.

Making DevOps easy

Analyze your current setup with the help of our team of expert engineers. We analyze your process, bottlenecks, pain points and come up with an action plan with the recommended tools and processes. Our assessment service helps you understand the readiness of your infrastructure and help you get actionable insights to plan automation activities.

Once we give you the assessment report, we ready up your infrastructure with automated 1-click deployments and rollbacks. We help you reduce deployment failures by over 50% and give you the edge in releasing new products and features.

We help you setup ITSM best practices and ensure your delivery pipeline remains optimized and in top condition. We help you with the nuances of release management, change management, setting up replica environments, new servers, performance optimizations, etc.

Technology Expertise

We help you with setting up Vagrant, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, Saltstack & Git to move to a continuous & automated delivery model.

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