Cloud vendor decision framework

❝ Our framework identifies the intersection of deliverables and service levels with a focused discussion of the roles and competencies required to deliver the right solution. ❞

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Mactores has made it easy to get data to analysts faster. Its unique model and framework makes it possible to have all of our teams working with data in one system, without performance impact and without needing to be database administrators.

Rodney Mccleary
IT Director, Fortune 200 Company

Cloud computing offers significant benefits to businesses – allowing enterprises to have their applications developed, tested and in production faster, with lower CAPEX improved manageability and less maintenance, enabling IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

The selection of a cloud service provider can determine the success or failure of any IT infrastructure deployment. Given the differences between cloud and on-premise deployments, it is important to partner with the cloud hosting computing services with the right experience.

With over 500 cloud projects in just 8 years, we have right expertise and experience to give you right start to your journey on cloud.

Cloud Vendor Framework

Our Nine Question approach to find the best fir cloud vendor for your project.

  1. What is your primary cloud computing infrastructure: public, private or hybrid ?
  2. What style or level of private cloud sophistication should you develop ?
  3. What cloud hosting guidelines should you establish for different types of data and applications ?
  4. How can you maintain data consistency ?
  5. How can you orchestrate workloads and applications across various cloud platforms ?
  6. How can you implement cloud computing governance?
  7. How can you manage identity across various cloud platform ?
  8. Which, and how many, vendors should be your strategic CSP partners ?
  9. How can you incorporate storage, multi-cloud networking, and elasticity management?

Find your cloud vendor fit

Acquiring systems resources is a crucial commitment for most enterprises. We execute a five-level decision model for assessing the various decisions required to move services to the cloud either wholly, partially or not at all. The model follows our defined analysis, research conclusions and addresses the requirements for services, vendor cloud packaging, and architectural decisions.

We offer you the advantage of reducing the portions of your investment by leveraging cloud data center resources: servers, software, networks, infrastructure, and people.

Our expert architects engage with significant business and technical stakeholders to understand the key specifications.

5 Phase Action Plan

Key Business USP

Understand and identify your key business USPs by asking the right questions.

Business Usecase

Detailed discussion on your specific business use-case to understand its dynamics and the benefits it offer

Current Usecase

Study current use-case infrastructure to understand its cost, compute services, storage services, network services, architecture, security and governance.

Infrastructure Analysis

Perceive existing applications’ infrastructure requirements, limitations, and technology stack to perform feasibility check and find best fit cloud provider.

Deployment strategy

Perform specific licensing agreement and costings to particular application on infrastructure stack, migration to cloud, lift and shift, re-architecting, and re-factoring wherever and whenever required.

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