Cloud infrastructure and security

"Our comprehensive security solutions help you enhance your cloud experience by securing your mission critical workloads, while your organization's norms comply with the industry accords"

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We help enterprises to modernize their IT infrastructure to run operations with continuity, drive extreme automation, re-imagine legacy business processes and remain agile through an ideal mix of on-premise infrastructure, public, private and hybrid clouds.

Migration to Cloud Platforms which adhere to compliance regulations.

Our cloud assessment is vendor agnostic, We identify best suited cloud platform which follow industry compliance such as FISMA (moderate level), ISO, HIPAA, PCI DSS rules as per your industry. We create end to end security architecture which complies to your industry norms.

Security responsibilities you share with your Cloud Service Provider.

We examine and provide a list of shared responsibilities of cloud security that our clients are responsible for and help them create a customized security architecture.

Increase your immunity from cyber threats

Security architecture

We create security architecture as per your business needs. This blueprint is an in-depth solution which includes high level overlapping complimentary security solutions and granular level solutions for complex elements of infrastructure.

Peripheral security

We provide you the best suited firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) & Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to help you secure your cloud infrastructure.

Security incident and event management

Our analytics’ expertise help you pick the best suited SIEM product. This enables you to extract real-time insights from all the recorded incidents and events of security breach.

End-to-end encryption

Our encryption solutions help you define your encryption rules and configure its keys and other credentials with Cloud HSM to control and monitor the access information.

Virtual private cloud

Our VPC setup solution can help you secure your data communication channel by establishing customized VPC that observes your industry wide compliance regulations. We help you set up your network secure group/network access control list, IP subnets, VPN (site-to-site and point-to-point) to establish a secure VPC.

Identity and access management

We configure your active directory to provide efficient authentication and authorization.This IDAM helps you harness features like single sign on (SSO), customized role based access control (RBAC) to define permission policies for teams and governance of internal data access log.

4 easy steps to secure yourself

Our cloud experts understand your business and industry standards that are required in order to setup a secure infrastructure and connection.

We share a complete shared-responsibilities’ understanding with you, to create an efficient security plan.

We create an in-depth security architecture which recommends the best suited systems to enhance the security of data and the communication channels.

On the security blueprint approval, we help you set up the designed architecture.

Enhance your cloud experince with CloudHexa™ audit

Security audit

Track best practices in security to ensure compliance even while your cloud infrastructure changes every day.

Cost audit

We help you identify unused cloud resources and recommend cost optimization strategies to maximize ROI of cloud assets.

DR & backup audit

Ensure data safety by enforcing data retention and backup policies, across geographically distributed cloud resources.

Performances audit

Detect variations in performance of key cloud components, before they become business challenges.

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