Scalable Machine Learning

❝ We provide you fast, scalable, easy to adopt and modern machine learning solutions, with deep understanding of your business models helping you deliver smart applications. ❞

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Our dedicated team offers you modern machine learning services, with predefined models and opportunity to create your personalised Ml models. Practised with big data our intelligent systems has better performance and increased accuracy compared to other large scale self learning systems. Our services are fast, scalable and easy to use. Available as a cloud service we bring you new opportunities and speed to your business applications.

With cloud based machine learning, you don’t have to invest upfront on hardware or software, and you pay as you go, so you can initiate small and scale as your application grows.

Serve billions of predictions daily in real time

We build to scale large and diverse data sets while delivering you powerful predictive models.

Built for
big data

To design more accurate models and process all of your data in a shorter amount of time, you require high performance algorithms. Our algorithm is built to analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, so that data scientists never have to downsample.

your investment

We help you to leverage your investment in big data by installing on existing infrastructure and by implementing our solutions that includes data preparation, automated machine learning model building and easy model deployment.


Our end-to-end solutions fits perfectly and operates seamlessly into your big data infrastructure with business model management, auto-documentation, visual interpretation, user security and data security.

Machine learning framework

The Machine Learning Advantage

Retain your customers

We help you find customers who are at high risk of attrition, enabling you to proactively engage them with promotions and customer service outreach. Organizations increase customer engagements by over 45%  by taking early proactive steps.

Personalize your content

Provide a more personalised customer experience on your website by using predictive analytic models to recommend items  and  optimise website flow based on prior customer actions. Most organizations experience 30% growth in revenues by recommending accurately with up-sells and cross-sells.

Automate top line solutions for your customer support

Process free-form feedback from your customers, including email messages, comments or phone conversation text, and recommend actions that can best solve their concerns. We help you  process and analyze social media traffic to find customers who have issues regarding product support, and connect them with the right customer care specialists.

Build data-driven models for your marketing campaigns

Machine learning  helps you deliver targeted marketing campaigns. Identify and analyse prior customer activity to select the most suitable email campaigns for potential customers. Most enterprises experienced reduced marketing expenses by over 25%.

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