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❝ Our cloud assessment provides strategic roadmap for your cloud migration that focuses on low risk and impactful business transformation while leveraging cloud benefits. ❞

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Mactores Cloud Assessment Suite is strategically made for enterprises who foresee cloud as a driving force for their business. We help enterprises identify applications and resources which are well suited for cloud and distinguish benefits to the enterprise in terms of ROI, Scalability and Agility.

Mactores cloud assessment provides in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure and helps define enterprise-wide cloud strategy.  We assess the business aspects, technological aspects and the operational aspects of your enterprise and enable you to understand the financial savings, business improvements and security implications in cloud migration.

As the first phase of your Cloud journey, Cloud Assessment is designed to form the foundation of your cloud adoption strategy.


Capture information about the condition of portfolio applications


Measure operational, technical, and financial impacts to the business in real time.


Financial impact to CapEx/Opex, depreciation schedules, leases, etc


Consolidate information to determine rough prioritization of cloud migration.


 Understand security impact as well as current vulnerabilities.


Assess capacity, readiness, and training to build an agile organization.

Our Cloud Assessment suite gives you the answers your looking for.

Objectives of cloud assessment / why cloud assessment.

  • How cloud computing can realize 30% to 40% reduction in TCO?
  • Which of my applications are well suited for the cloud? And why?
  • How can I make my applications cloud ready?
  • How to support the transition from existing resource intensive setup to virtualised/cloud environment?
  • How to effectively choose cloud service providers?

Cloud assessment model


We do an in-depth analysis of your cloud Infrastructure, We identify and index all the applications and servers which are deployed and managed by/for the enterprise


We evaluate the business value and IT value of your applications/ infrastructure and publish reports on business growth, technology & architecture, risk Analysis, vendor consolidation and licensing followed by an in-depth financial analysis.


We identify applications or infrastructure that needs to be transformed, maintained or decommissioned. Our Assessment tools help evaluate applications on their cloud readiness and if they require light/major transformation or can not be moved to cloud unless they are rewritten.


Demonstrate business case of portfolio transformation and roadmap cloud strategy recommending industry best practical steps.

Three powerful deliverables in just Six to Eight weeks

Cloud Strategy

Determining the degree of cloud feasibility and the viable cloud patterns – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS as well as Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.

Business Case

Demonstrates business and financial value of portfolio transformation. It justifies the value of the rationalization design, motivating stakeholders to progress to next steps.

Deployment Roadmap

High level clustering of applications and mapping them in terms of business value and implementation effort, resulting into a preliminary roadmap.

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