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With the increase in number of sensors per machine, we had gathered lot of data and it needed to be churned. Mactores with their analytics experts in IoT did it for us. They have an excellent approach to look at the problem and solve them progressively and effectively. We were able to explore unimaginable insights and gained a lot and lowered our operational costs as well.

Mark Phillips
Senior General Manager, Manufacturing Company

To  realize the value of data, you need a complete end-to-end solution that can manage both structured and unstructured data with security, consistency and credibility. Our Big Data Analytic suit enables convenient, on-demand access to your  pool of organizational data resources (e.g. CRM, ERP, HRMS, Project management or PLM, Social)  that can be conveniently made available and released with minimal management effort or engineering intervention. We enable you to avoid chaos over provisioning data across different systems, manually merging with other system and improve on operational excellence by finding the right data at right place in right time.

We believe it is particularly important to fully understand how you use your data today and what you do today can be best enhanced by using the big data analytic tools and frameworks at our disposal.

Mactores 4 step Approach

We execute big data projects using the following 4 steps – Plot, Scan, Craft and Solve. Depending on the size and complexity of your organization and its current data pool’s, each step takes can take as little as a few days to typically 2 weeks where we answer –

  • Why the crafted approach to the project?
  • What needs to be achieved ?
  • How it needs to be executed ?
  • When would the goal and objectives be achieved with milestones ?
  • Who will be responsible for all the phases of the project?


In addition to answering the 5 questions outlined above, we identify and understand each data source such as CRM, ERP systems or any other data sources which needs to be “mashed up”.In this phase we interact with you to identify the current system in place and questions which it can answer. During these meetings we understand customer’s business and identify what other outcomes could be important for the business.

We complete Plot by delivering  cost  estimation of the proposed project based on the information provided together with mock ups based on the findings and feedback from the business.


Scan process is typically 100% engineering focus where we study data sources to mash up and establish key relationships between different systems to bring data to data warehouse. It seldom happens, during this process we discover a couple of data points which can add value for the business.

Outcome of this phase results in Building the foundation of this system which is popularly known as Data Warehouse and systems gets ready to intake the data from different systems.


While Craft phase is in progress, we extract data from existing data sources, transform into the designed data warehouse format, and load in to data warehouse. Automated jobs are created which sends data from the existing systems to newly designed Data warehouse.  During this process engineers from both teams interact to deliver the business output promised at Plot Step. We ensure engineers  actively participate in the process of building visualisation dashboards to simply support for future. If you don’t have an engineering team we continue to work out building dashboards resulting into an outcome pictorially represented by following picture


Solve is typically the final phase of project where the production system is delivered to the customer and is open to get feedbacks in terms of KPI addition or bugs.  The system engineering is complete and handed over to its intended business owners, end consumers, and support & administration staff for day today management and support.

Project Management Methodology

In all these 4 Steps, execution in the right order is extremely important to deliver successful outcome. We believe interacting in a transparent way to make sure the project is delivered in time, budget and with quality. We adapt to RACI Matrix as a communication medium

RResponsibility, AAccountable, C Consulted, IInformed


Mactores offers a completely managed systems. We effectively become your IT administration and operations arm and take care of everything associated with the company’s Big Data systems. We manage all servers, services, networking, security, upgrades and maintenance transparently.

Mactores will build additional tools, if required; to manage and maintain your unique infrastructure. Our team of software engineers and cloud specialists will tweak your network, optimize your servers and recommend new architectural improvements to better leverage the cloud.

Technology Expertise

Apache Spark
Amazon EMR
Azure HDInsight

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