Migrate to Amazon EMR

Our automation reduces time to market by 70%

Why use Mactores to migrate to Amazon EMR

  • Automation to analyze your legacy systems and rapidly migrate to Spark on Amazon EMR 
  • Our tools enable/support the migration with data quality, data consistency, and data lineage during and after the migration
  • De-risk your migration with our indepth experience in transforming Petabytes of Hadoop clusters to Amazon EMR
  • Expertise enabled library of best practices with automation to support complex migrations
  • Our contributions to multiple open source communities in big data space has enabled us to deal with complex workloads and platform challenges including Hadoop on Amazon EMR

Example Customer Migrations to Amazon EMR

  • Hive/MAP Reduce to Spark 
  • Presto scalability on EMR 
  • Impala to Spark + Presto migration 
  • Pig jobs to Spark on EMR 
  • Cloudera/HortonWorks to EMR 
  • Databricks (Cloud) to EMR + Hudi 

Case Study - HP

Learn how HP archived 60% lower TCO by moving from on-demand Spot Instances for EMR.

Case Study - Seagate

Learn how Seagate transformed their Data Platform to process petabytes of data.

Optimizing Presto SQL on Amazon EMR to Deliver Faster Query Processing

Seagate asked Mactores Cognition to evaluate and deliver an alternative data platform to process petabytes of data with consistent performance. It needed to lower query processing time and total cost of ownership, and provide the scalability required to support about 2,000 daily users. Learn about the the three migration options Mactores tested and the architecture of the solution Seagate selected. This effort improved the overall efficiency of Seagate’s Amazon EMR cluster and business operations.

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