Mactores Support Statement for AWS Practice

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in the cloud with more than 1 million users, provides businesses and developers around the world with highly reliable and secure technology infrastructure so they can instantly acquire compute power, storage, and other on-demand services in the cloud.

The Mactores infrastructure support is available in multiple regions around the world, Mactores Cloud Solutions provides unsurpassed performance, redundancy and uptime. Customers that choose our state-of-the art, secure cloud infrastructure to host their deployment take advantage of the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry’s premier solution for highly available, scalable, and secure environments, all monitored 24/7/365 by Mactores Cloud Infrastructure Support.

Availability Zones

By leveraging AWS, we provide a secure infrastructure across major regions and availability zones – ensuring that someone always has your back. We can deploy your instance in any one of the following geographic regions:

  • North and South America: Oregon, Virginia, Sao Paulo
  • Europe: Dublin, Frankfurt
  • Asia-Pacific: Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney


High Availability

With multiple availability zones in a single region, as well as server redundancy for each layer of the technology stack, customers can attain extremely high levels of availability. For example, a high capacity event that could potentially degrade site access can trigger extra web servers operating round-robin, including reserve capacity in the second availability zone; a fully redundant le system in the second availability zone that is constantly syncing; master-master replication for database pairs; and a secondary load balancer in a redundant environment.

Additionally, customers with the highest availability requirements can take advantage of hot standby sites in alternate regions to provide live failover capabilities for disaster recovery.


Other Information: